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Safe & Secure Environment

We believe children learn better when they feel they are in a secure and comfortable environment. As an eco-healthy preschool, we take great care in creating a safe and healthy environment that inspires imaginations and protects the health of our children and staff.

Home Away from Home

We are housed in a 6,500 square foot facility, including 5 sun-drenched classrooms, an indoor play area, and library. Our classrooms are all bright, expansive, and air-conditioned. Bathrooms are across the classrooms to provide easy and safe access for our students. Although we’re only two blocks from Central Park and can easily stroll over to the playground, we also have an enclosed, outdoor play space which serves as an extension to our classrooms.

Healthy Meals

Good nutrition is essential to a child’s cognitive and physical development. We provide our children with nutritional and healthy food options. Although families are free to prepare their own meals, our school partners with Red Rabbit, a NYC-based healthy school meal provider, to provide lunch to our students. We are pleased to partner with Red Rabbit to provide our children with locally-sourced fruits, vegetables, and dairy products prepared daily from scratch.

Non-toxic Cleaners

Your child will spend a great deal of time with us. So, we strive to create a home away from home for your child. We take great pride in the way our place looks, smells, and feels. On a daily basis we conduct facility inspections and clean our premises with child-safe, non-toxic cleaners.

Secure Premises

Our number one priority is the safety of the children in our care. To ensure your child’s safety, Peartree employs technology that allows our staff instant access to your child’s arrival and departure times and the names of people authorized for drop off and pick up. Our top notch security system ensures that only authorized personnel are admitted into our building.