Dedicated Teachers & Staff

Staff members strive to be aware of each child’s needs and learning readiness, and they attempt to meet these needs through a wide range of preschool activities.

We provide your family with the best early childhood educators who are certified according to the New York State Department of Education and the New York City Department of Health, because we understand that as early childhood educators, we must address the development of the whole child.

We invite you to get to know us. Please use this contact information to let us know of any questions and concerns.


Denise Adusei
Executive Director/Founder
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Jessica Jackson
Assistant Director
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Melissa Torres
Education Coordinator

Andreina Nunez

Amanda Wooden
Lead Teacher, Bosc Class (Threes)

Audrey Benedetta
Teacher Assistant, Anjou Class (Threes)

Liz Mateo
Teacher Assistant, Bartlett Class (Twos)

Michele Matterson
Lead Teacher, Bartlett Class (Twos)

Chanel Simpkins
Lead Teacher, Anjou Class (Threes)

Enriqueta Au
Teacher Assistant, Bosc Class

Leonor Saturria
Co-teacher, Seckel Class (Young Twos)

Gina Shustak
Co-teacher, Seckel Class (Young Twos)

Edna Lima
Body and Movement

Margarita Manwelyan
Body and Movement